WC Race Series

WC Race Series
WC Race Series

The Client

WC Race Series Society is a Non-profit Society dedicated to promoting the integration of person(s) with a physical disability into sport and recreation through organized para-athletic events – wheelchair racing and para-throws.

In collaboration with Kevin Bogetti-Smith, we gave the WC Race Series website a re-design and re-fresh.

The Work

Based on Kevin’s graphic designs, I customized a responsive WordPress Theme. Which included a responsive image slider and importing the race results into the new site.

I was also responsible for social media management of their Facebook and Instagram.

Services Summary

  • Together with Kevin Bogetti-Smith, designed & customized WordPress site for the WC Race Series
  • Graphic Design by Kevin Bogetti-Smith
  • HTML, CSS, content updating
  • Social Media Management of @wcraceseries Facebook and Instagram up until March 2021
  • Responsible for website from January 2007 – March 2021

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